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BG’s programs offer value to automotive shops and consumers. Some programs promote productivity and know-how in automotive shops while others offer peace of mind for consumers.

Lifetime BG Protection Plan

Protect your vehicle… for LIFE. BG’s Automotive Maintenance Services are backed by the free Lifetime BG Protection Plan.


BG On the Road

BG On The Road® roadside assistance is complimentary with the purchase of BG Automotive Maintenance Services at participating shops!


BG Pre-owned Vehicle Protection

Buy a used car with BG Pre-owned Vehicle Protection and get FREE peace of mind!


BG Protection Plan for Motorcycles

Keeps your bike running smoothly and reliably. And, if covered components fail, BG will pay for the repairs.


BG Certified

BG Certified teaches service advisors, service managers, parts managers and technicians a consistent, credible message about the importance, the methods and the rewards of automotive maintenance with BG products.


BG University

Educating automotive service professionals about the importance of vehicle maintenance and the incredible value of BG Automotive Maintenance Services.



Helping automotive shops maintain an organized service department. This means faster, more efficient service for you, the customer.

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